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A Foremost claims story: Mobile home fire

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On February 24, 2017, Elizabeth Manuel's mobile home caught fire. It was devastating, completely destroying the property and leaving her without a home.

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Mobile home spring cleaning tips

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Keep your mobile home in tip-top shape by cleaning up after a harsh winter! Do you have any tips or tricks you’d like to share with us?

Mobile home window replacement

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If the frame on one of your mobile home windows is warped or severely weather damaged, replace it. Even if the frames aren't warped or damaged, windows that seem to constantly need repair or adjustment should be replaced. A new, efficient window keeps cold drafts out of your manufactured home and saves you energy dollars in the long run.

Mobile home tricks to survive the winter

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Here are a number of tactics to help you survive the cold and keep your toes warm in your mobile home this winter.

What's lurking below your mobile home?

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Do you remember when you were young and had to check under your bed for monsters before you could go to sleep? I sure do!

Revealing the secrets behind training mobile home claims adjusters

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Our Claims adjuster training is so special, it bestows super human powers on all those who enter. OK, perhaps that's a slight exaggeration, but have you ever time traveled or been in two places at once? For the Claims personnel learning how to adjust Foremost insured mobile homes, the two are regular occurrences.

Do it yourself mobile home awning

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Get quick tips on how to install a new awning, carport, or sunroof to your mobile home from Foremost Insurance.

Mobile home roof coating guide

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Your mobile home roof coating needs to be updated frequently. Look to our guide for materials needed, as well as the steps you should take to coat your roof.

Mobile home repairs: Drafts and leaks

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Mobile home repairs can be costly. We have some quick preventative maintenance tips to prevent drafts and leaks with common sealants.

Mobile home anchors and tie downs

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You must have mobile home anchors to keep your home in place during high winds. Learn about the type of tie-downs, anchors, and basic installation.

Mobile home roof repair

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If you are seeing water stains on your ceiling, you may be in need of a mobile home roof repair. Use our guide to help identify your roof problem.

Mobile home siding cleaning

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Regular maintenance will keep your mobile home siding looking new and last longer. Use our quick tips to keep your siding looking good.

Metal roof repair

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Keeping up on metal roof repairs on your mobile home can save you money. Your guide for DIY metal roof fixes for your mobile home.

How to install mobile home skirting

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Installing mobile home skirting is much easier than you think. Use our DIY for an easy step-by-step guide.

How to patch mobile home belly board

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Learn how to patch your mobile home belly board with our 5 step process from Foremost Insurance.

Shingle repair for mobile homes

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What is the process to repair shingles on your mobile home? On a mobile home, one shingle layer is the limit. Learn fix-it tips here.

Covering up ceiling stains in your mobile home

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Learn some techniques for covering up ceiling stains in your mobile home. Learn tips for small ceiling stains, and steps for painting ceiling tiles.

Fixing damaged mobile home wall panels

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Follow our repair steps for fixing your damaged mobile home wall panels.

Installing a mobile home fireplace

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Follow our safety guidelines for installing a mobile home fireplace. Proper installation and maintenance is absolutely critical.

Hanging drywall in your mobile home

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Use our DIY guide to hanging drywall in your mobile home from Foremost Insurance.

How to patch a hole in drywall

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Follow our DIY for patching holes in your drywall like a professional. Read on to get your materials and tools ready.

Vinyl floor repair DIY

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From a nail polish stain to water damage, there are many ways your vinyl floor can become visibly damaged. Follow our DIY for vinyl floor repair here.

Replacing a ceiling panel

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If you have a damaged ceiling panel, use our DIY guide for replacing your mobile home ceiling panels from Foremost Insurance. Read on to get your materials and tools ready.

Mobile home air conditioner

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Follow our simple steps to make your mobile home air conditioner unit run smoother and more efficient.

How to install heat tape

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It is easy to install heat tape and is a good way to prevent major damage to your mobile home. Follow our steps for installing heat tape.

Spring mobile home inspection

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Here is a simple list of items to inspect on and around your mobile home for the spring and summer months ahead. Inspecting your home regularly will save you from costly repairs later.

Tornado preparation

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Protect yourself in the event of a tornado with our tornado preparation for manufactured home owners.

Buying a new manufactured home

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If you are buying a new manufactured home here are some good tips to help you make this important personal and financial commitment.

Buying a pre-owned manufactured home

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Many features found in new manufactured homes can be found in pre-owned homes, usually at a substantial savings. Although most preowned homes are a good bargain, you can make a better buying decision if you know where to look, what to look for and what to be cautious about.

Choosing the right location

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Buying a manufactured home? There are many options to choose from when deciding what the right location is for you. Communities, private land, and questions to ask.

Manufactured home buying checklist

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Our manufactured home buying checklist identifies some important factors to consider when purchasing your home, and ways to trim your budget.

Selling a manufactured home

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Selling your manufactured home? Proper planning and preparation for the sale including a sales agent, determining price and marketing should all be considered carefully.

Buying a manufactured home resources

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We have gathered some resources that we thought would be helpful to you when buying a new or pre-owned manufactured home.

Manufactured home resources

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We have gathered a list of manufactured home resources we thought would be helpful to you in buying or selling your home.

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