Home Security

A burgular peeking into window.

Keeping your home safe from break-ins

Traveling Home Security

As one of the most common crimes, burglary is nothing to be taken lightly. Did you know that a burglary takes place every 18.2 seconds in the United States? That adds up to nearly 200 per hour, 4,800 per day, and 1,752,000 every year!

A ranch-style house

6 ways to secure your home when you're away

Traveling Home Security

Did you know that statistically a burglary occurs in the United States every 14.4 seconds? (At least according to the FBI.) As a season full of holiday-related travel approaches, are you doing what you can to adequately secure your home while you're gone?

Home security devices

Traveling Home Security

Installing a home security device could help lower your home insurance policy. Learn about the different home security devices out there today.

Home theft deterrents

Traveling Home Security

Is your home a target for a thief? While there's no foolproof way to stop every break-in, many burglaries are preventable.

Stop a home burglary while you're gone

Traveling Home Security

A burglar can usually enter your home with a plastic credit card or thin screwdriver. Stop a home burglary while you are gone with a few quick tips.

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