Heat and Beach

A water bottle near a towel and beach chair on the beach

Summer beach safety tips

Traveling Heat and Beach

The first rule for having a fun, carefree day at the beach? Always check the weather before you head out! Follow these beach safety tips to get your summer off to a good start.

A close-up of a thermometer at 100 degrees

It's hot. Don't leave your kids in the car!

Traveling Heat and Beach

I wish I were kidding. As an on-the-go-mom, I have sympathy for parents trying to multi-task, but there are certain things that we MUST pay attention to.

Ten ways to protect yourself from the sun's rays

Traveling Heat and Beach

When my teenage daughter arrived home the other day with a sunburned face, I asked her why she didn't use her sunscreen. She answered with, "I did Mom! I put it on this morning." But since she was out all day and never re-applied it, she still got a sunburn.

Rip Current Awareness Week — What you need to know

Traveling Heat and Beach

When I saw Rip Current awareness week (this week) come up on our editorial calendar, I thought, how important could this really be? The answer — very important. Whether an ocean or a great lake, rip currents are powerful and can be deadly.

Protect that skin you're in — Year-round uv safety

Traveling Heat and Beach

July may be UV Safety Month, but that doesn't mean I'm going to not care about UV safety the other 11 months of the year. Sun safety needs to be considered every day — even if it is cloudy outside.

It's hot out there. Are you staying cool?

Traveling Heat and Beach

All you have to do is turn on the news, or leave air conditioning, to know that it's hot outside all over our country. I learned firsthand because I spent six hours outside yesterday when the Foremost Chopper visited our office park in Michigan.

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