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Stay warm while you ride

A motorcycle rider riding in the cool morning air

Most bikers hang up their helmets when the temperature drops, but the dedicated crowd rides on. The key, they say, is staying warm and toasty.

It's easier to stay warm while you ride than one might think. The temperature feels colder when you are piercing through the air at high speeds, but heated motorcycle accessories and good old fashioned layering will keep you comfortable during your fall ride. Try these tactics to stay warm this fall!

  • Heated Seats

    It is important to keep your body temperature at 98.6 degrees. If it drops any lower, you are at risk of hypothermia and will experience flu-like symptoms. The best way to prevent this is to heat your core with a heated seat. This can be added to your current bike, or purchased in a new bike if you are looking to upgrade.

  • Heated Grips

    Rider's hands are subject to extreme cold. Sitting out front in the direct wind stream, fingers are often the first part of your body to show symptoms of cold-related issues. Heated grips are a reliable source of hand warmth, no matter the weather.

  • Waterproof Gloves

    Heated grips are great for the cold, but they won't help much in wet weather. Rain or slush spray will soak your gloves, making them useless. Find gloves that are wool-lined with a weatherproof exterior to keep your hands warm and dry.

  • Full-Face Helmet

    For the colder months, you really need a full-face helmet. The enclosed design prevents wind from hitting your face. The best options may fit tight to provide proper insulation.

  • Balaclava

    Also known as a ski mask, this garment will provide warmth under your helmet to keep your head and face warm. Look for a balaclava made of wool, which is best for insulation.

  • Long Underwear

    Layering is a biker's best friend! Wear wool long johns under your clothing to provide a base layer of warmth. Since they're under your clothes, they won't cramp your style.

  • Rain Suit

    A waterproof rain suit will protect your from the elements. Even if it is not raining, the material blocks the wind to keep you warm. It's a good idea to keep a rain suit under your seat in case of emergencies. Rain or cold weather can pop up unexpectedly, especially during a long road trip.

  • Newspaper

    Speaking of unexpected weather… If you unexpectedly find yourself riding in the cold with no gear, stop at a gas station to pick up a newspaper. Put the paper under your jacket and pants to create a barrier from the wind. It's a DIY trick and it won't be perfect, but every little bit helps when you're in a pinch.

  • Neck Sock

    As you layer up the rest of your body, remember to keep your neck warm. Body heat will escape through any inch of skin left uncovered, so bundle up with a neck sock under your helmet.

  • Feet Socks

    Socks are super important. Toes, like fingers, are one of the first parts of your body to feel the cold. Invest in thick wool socks to trap in the heat.

  • Heated Gear

    Jackets and gloves can come equipped with internal heating systems. If you get cold easily, this is a good option for you. These items use power from the bike, so make sure your engine has enough power to handle any accessories.

  • Wet Bags

    Carry extra plastic bags with you to separate wet clothes on long trips. You don't want your entire pack getting wet during the ride. Some packs come equipped with wet garment dividers, but large plastic bags will do just fine.

  • Blankets

    Pack a blanket in case you run into an emergency. Even if you just stop to warm up, an extra blanket will help keep you warm.

Gear can only do so much in protecting you during your cold-weather rides. Make sure to eat before you head out. A full belly kick starts your metabolism, creating energy and promoting blood flow, ultimately keeping your body temperature higher for longer. If you ever feel too cold during your ride, get off the road and find somewhere warm to rest. You want to be in the right headspace and have the physical readiness to take on the journey.

Now that you know how to stay warm, get the most out of your bike with year-round riding! Just remember to be safe and, most importantly, have fun.

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