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The Foremost Claim Department is comprised of an award-winning team of insurance professionals who are there when you need them, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a customer, you've bought a promise — and we think you'll be happy to know that we'll be there when you need to file a claim, and we'll be there to answer your questions and begin the process of helping you restore your life to order.

What Makes Our Claim Services Unique

  • Our more than 14,000 Claims employees are fully equipped and trained to meet your expectations when you need our help.
  • If disaster strikes, our Mobile Claims Centers (MCCs) and claims representatives arrive swiftly to help our customers file insurance claims, answer insurance questions, and access our free satellite communications and Internet services.
  • Our fleet of claims vehicles is equipped with GPS technology to help ensure that our field claims representatives and resources arrive quickly when you need them.
  • While we've instituted best-in-class customer systems and processes to handle your insurance claim, what really makes us special is the way we treat each and every customer like a friend or family member. After all, isn't that the way you'd want to be treated?

Make no mistake, best-in-class customer service is our standard. It's also our passion and what we do best.

That's our pledge!

To help make the insurance claim process smoother, it helps to have the following information on hand:

  • The Foremost customer's name and address
  • The policy number
  • The date the loss happened
  • A description of what happened
  • A telephone number where we can contact you

Whether you're reporting a simple fender bender or a catastrophic fire, need roadside assistance or vehicle glass repair or replacement, or need to report a dog bite or employee injury, our Claim Department follows the same basic five-step process to see every insurance claim through from start to finish:

  1. Claim assignment

    When we receive your claim, it will be assigned to a claims professional. Depending on the complexity of your claim, you may work with a team of claims representatives, each of whom has experience handling a particular aspect of your insurance claim.

  2. Initial contact

    A claims professional contacts you to get the facts surrounding your loss, talks to you about your coverage, explains how your claim will be handled, identifies ways to protect your property from further damage (for example, putting a tarp over a damaged roof or plastic sheeting on a broken car window), and schedules an in-person appointment if one is needed.

  3. Estimate and evaluation

    Your claims professional will determine whether the loss is covered, will gather the facts, inspect and document damage, interview witnesses or other involved individuals, take photos and samples (if needed), and evaluate your claim.

  4. Resolution

    We'll work with you to resolve your claim fairly either by paying what you're owed, or explaining why there would be no payment on your claim.

  5. Close the claim

    When we've resolved your claim under the terms of your policy, we close the claim. If you discover additional expenses, we will re-open your insurance claim to investigate.

Some insurance claims are more complex than others. Some may be opened and closed quickly while others may take weeks or even months to resolve, because of the complex issues involved. But wherever your claim falls in that range, our claim professionals will do whatever it takes to help you get back where you belong.

For fire or water damage, consider ServiceMaster Restore®. The industry leader in restoration procedures and technology is on call 24/7, 365 days a year. It offers restoration services for fire, smoke and water damage (with certification in Applied Structural Drying).

Studies have shown that insurance fraud costs the insurance industry billions of dollars every year and it's not a victimless crime. Everyone is directly affected by paying higher policy premiums for their insurance.

To help address this issue head-on, Foremost Insurance has a dedicated Special Investigations Unit. If you are aware of suspected Insurance Fraud, you can report it to us 24 hours a day by calling 1-888-662-6616 (you don't have to identify yourself).