Here are some easy and inexpensive ways to brighten up your home for autumn. And kids will love to help you collect, arrange and place your finished works of art.

  • Gather real or imitation berries and place them into baskets, jars or vases. Be sure that kids know these are not safe for eating.
  • Collect pinecones and glue them onto a green foam circle. Hang finished piece on the wall or from a hook on your front door.
  • Line up mini pumpkins and gourds on your porch.
  • Tie a stack of hay to your mailbox or porch railing.
  • Fill a glass jar with nuts, grass, leaves or moss. Cover the top with a small circular piece of lace and tie a colorful ribbon around the top.
  • Drape artificial vines along a mantel or on top of a cupboard. Craft stores are full of bright colors this time of year.
  • Lay some seasonal squash out on a tray for a unique table centerpiece.
  • Glue some colorful artificial flowers to a twig wreath and hang it on a doorknob.
  • Collect colored leaves. Then cut two equal pieces of wax paper and brush them with glue. Arrange the leaves onto the glue on one piece of wax paper. Then cover with the other sheet. Press together to stick. Then frame for your wall or hang in a window.

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